JMS Autobiography "Saved by Superman" Coming in Spring 2019

 Posted on 1/17/2018 by Jan in News

Harper Voyager has announced that they will be publishing JMS' autobiography "Saved by Superman" in Spring 2019.

Voyager's editorial director, David Pomerico, long an enthusiast of Straczynski's many projects, notes, 'What surprised me about this memoir was how much I know about the animated shows Joe worked on, which shaped my childhood.' But, beyond fandom, it was the shocking strength of Joe's personal story that convinced the Voyager team to acquire this nonfiction work. 'His childhood was so absolutely beyond anything I could think someone could survive,' Pomerico shares. 'He didn't just come through-he thrived. And it is that story which is going to be an inspiration to artists and loners. It is simply captivating in its own right.'