Fans support the striking writers

 Posted on 11/11/2007 by Jan in News

A grassroots effort has begun for fans to support the writers in their fight for a fair contract. has grown out of a group of fans at to deliver pizzas to the striking writers. It's now encompassing any and all fandoms because we have a unique opportunity to let the world know that when the writers went on strike, so did we fans.

What can you do? Organize food drops to the striking writers if you can. Send a postcard or letter to the AMPTP to let them know how you feel. Don't forget to let the advertisers of your favorite shows know that you support the writers. Sign the petition in support of the WGA. The folks are accepting donations with plans to a) continue food drops, b) place ads in the 'trades' showing our support and c) contribute to the WGA fund to help support the striking writers. salutes these efforts and encourages all fans to get involved.