Recent Updates from JMS

 Posted on 8/9/2010 by Jan in News

JMS has created a Fans of J. Michael Straczynski Facebook page and has posted several updates recently:

- Quick note of apologies to our friends north of the border...I've had to cancel out my appearance at the Fan Expo in Toronto later this month (which was always contingent on work) due to the press of work here. Between having been down with bronchitis and then SDCC, I've fallen behind on scripts for DC and elsewhere, and need to catch up, so with regrets and apologies to our Canadian friends, I have to bow out.

Re: The final issues of "The Twelve":
- Just to let folks know that the book will be coming out. Chris and I have circled different deadlines and schedules...sometimes I was on and he off doing Book of Eli, then he was on and I was off...but sonuvagun, it's going to get done. And here's the proof for those who've scoffed.

Sales numbers for his first full issue of Wonder Woman:
- We've gotten the sales figures on my first full Wonder Woman issue, and DC is very, very happy. Everyone was wondering how the first regular book would do, and we came in at 38. The regular book in the four months prior to the anniversary issue had come in at 71, 85, 78 and 82, respecitively, so we've jumped 47 from ...the lowest point, or nearly halfway up top 100 rankings. We're off to a great start.