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04/30/1994 Owning your own space ship isn't... GENIE
04/30/1994 Is starfury a bad word?
04/30/1994 JMS: Black Omega Starfury Ques
04/30/1994 Re: "Believers"
04/30/1994 Afterthought: I just wandered into... GENIE
04/30/1994 I know from pfingle eggs...I let... GENIE
04/30/1994 She got away by long-distance firing... GENIE
04/29/1994 I can't believe this "explain how... GENIE
04/29/1994 My copies here at the house are... GENIE
04/29/1994 Burden of Proof (Was Re: "Beli
04/29/1994 Jumpgate colors...
04/29/1994 The scale of our ships is pretty... GENIE
04/29/1994 I was on "Murder" for about two... GENIE
04/29/1994 I'm not quite sure if we're talking... GENIE
04/29/1994 Re: ATTN JMS!
04/28/1994 Herb, no, I don't agree with you.... GENIE
04/28/1994 Since I suggested the ending to... GENIE
04/28/1994 "Believers" DS9 novel: Great
04/28/1994 Re: JMS: Appreciative Viewer
04/28/1994 BTW, Sinclair mentions his Jesuit... GENIE