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12/28/1993 Fenn....send me the name of the... GENIE
12/28/1993 Re: Nitpick about pilot
12/28/1993 Jump Gates (Nitpicking)
12/27/1993 Mike: we're not going to see a lot... GENIE
12/27/1993 I hate to burst any bubbles, but... GENIE
12/27/1993 Re: B5 FAQL / Minorities in B5
12/27/1993 Art, music, and 1%
12/27/1993 I'm not sure, from my perspective,... GENIE
12/27/1993 book?
12/27/1993 Re: Tamlym Tomita
12/27/1993 A "coyboy?" GENIE
12/26/1993 Cool.... GENIE
12/26/1993 And makes one wonder if her house... GENIE
12/26/1993 B5 on break?
12/26/1993 It was...and it is. GENIE
12/26/1993 Generally speaking, in television,... GENIE
12/26/1993 book?
12/26/1993 As I write this, we are now exactly... GENIE
12/26/1993 Yeah, fairly much, as far as it... GENIE
12/26/1993 Nope. Not a hallucination. We... GENIE