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11/30/1999 ATTN JMS: Would you ever do a DVD "special edition?"
11/30/1999 Attn JMS: Morden in shadows *spoilers for Macbeth*
11/30/1999 This rests on your shoulders.
11/30/1999 Rising Star 11/22/99 CIS
11/28/1999 Attn: JMS - Souls
11/28/1999 ATTN JMS: A way to get B5 reruns off TNT
11/28/1999 Attn JMS: I agree w/you re: original notes.
11/27/1999 SFX Magazine, JMS and Double Standards
11/27/1999 Attn: JMS - Souls
11/27/1999 ATTN JMS: Strange "Rising Stars" Promo
11/27/1999 ATTN JMS: B5, TNT, & SCI-FI
11/27/1999 jms- Rising Stars #3
11/27/1999 jms recommends....
11/26/1999 JMS: It's been a year
11/26/1999 JMS: Some bible questions/praise
11/25/1999 ATTN JMS: Music Tastes (B5 Magazine)
11/24/1999 Crusade's Future CIS
11/24/1999 B5 on home video CIS
11/24/1999 ATTN: JMS - 200 page document
11/23/1999 ATTN JMS: four quick questions