JMS : Sheridan in from beginni

 Posted on 11/11/1994 by to

Sheridan, or more specifically the need for someone *like* Sheridan
began to get through clearly toward the latter part of last season, as I
began planning out season two's progression, and kept looking at elements
of the story and trying to find ways to get Sinclair into the heart of
them. They felt contrived, for the most part; and the other characters,
like Londo and G'Kar and Delenn, were *really* moving forward in a big
way. The role of Sinclair was becoming primarily that of a "problem
solver," and when that happens, a sort of glass bell falls down around the
character, and you can't do much with him.

So what the writer has to do is break that bell in one way or another;
do something totally unexpected to him, and bring in someone who has a
direct, personal connection with the storyline emerging in season two, so
it's not contrived or forced.