Re: ATTN JMS: Are you a millionaire ?

 Posted on 7/17/2002 by to

>Don't forget we have more of a more generous social infrastructure, but
>nowhere near enough big profitable corporations to support it. Still,
>we like to think at least we're better off than the Finnish. :-)

Yeah, in theory it's a generous social infrastructure, but it don't work.
Between lower paying salaries and a tax burden that leads a lot of
professionals in various areas like medicine to go to the US, you've got a
brain drain and a resources sink that kills a lot of that infrastructure.
(Which is why I spent 6 hours in the emergency room of Vancouver General
Hospital, before being taken into the actual work room, and another 2 hours
before getting worked on by a doctor, the day I dislocated my right ring
finger...there was only ONE emergency room doctor on duty on a Saturday night.)

It costs less, but there's less OF it, and it's not terribly efficient, and
doesn't give your average Canadian the value for his/her money.

Maybe I'm a bit more vocal about this than I should be, as an American (and
knowing how much we've contributed to the problem) but goddamn, you guys are
getting taken to the cleaners up there.


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