I am not a Number !!!!

 Posted on 11/26/1997 by J. Michael Straczynski <71016.1644@compuserve.com> to CIS

PAUL SHEWARD <100256.1563@compuserve.com> asks:
> So, why the problem with being 'associated' with The Prisoner
> anyway ? From The Prisoners 'Rover' killer beachballs, to the
> 'Glade' air freshener used as the drive section for the
> Liberator, so have we lost the ability to differentiate
> lampoonery from ridicule ? Do you think the producers of Voyager
> will be pleased or miffed to have parallels drawn between the
> 'year of hell' and B5 ?

The *problem* is that it didn't happen that way, for starters,
and it makes it into something more appropos for a fanzine. Basically,
if you spent all summer building a car, and somebody said you just
bought it from somebody else, no matter how nice that other car might
be, how good it would be to be associated with it...you put in a hell
of a lot of work building it, and to be offhandedly told otherwise is

And, again, it just diminishes the implications, makes it
safe...it's not about the real world, it's just about the Prisoner.