Re: [B5] Liar liar pants on fi

 Posted on 8/25/1994 by to your reply to Morgan...there is a curious neticism that
I've seen all the years I've been riding the nets, and it's nothing new.

It's this: Person A writes something awful/scandalous/abusive about
person B. Person C says nothing. Person B writes a heated reply. Person
C *now* speaks up to say what bad form it is to go after this poor person
who was just exercising his right to speak, and suddenly person B is the
bad guy.

It's okay to impugne someone's career, or life, or honesty, or any
other aspect...but to call the person out for, no, we can't have
that. Nonsense. There is nothing in my agreement with any service that
says I must be a non-responsive, unmoving target. A bully is a bully, and
needs to get responded to. And character attacks must be responded to,
whether or not some people (who had no problem with the original
accusation) find it polite conversation.

Say what you want about somebody...but god forbid the person should
speak intersting philosophy, to say the least.