Yes, Mary Jo is Christian Slater's...

 Posted on 7/16/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Yes, Mary Jo is Christian Slater's mom. She keeps nudging us about an
appearance, since he loves SF. We'll see.

And also correct...the majority of freelance scripts we commission don't
tend to need a lot of revision. Certainly not after the first go round. DC's
first script needed a bit of work, but that was mainly because she was still
feeling her way around the characters and the show. Her second script came in
almost letter perfect; move around a few commas and that's about it. And her
outline for her next script, for season two, is very cool.

Funny story. Saw Ed Wasser ("Morden") the other day, and asked him if
he'd had any reaction to his first appearance on the show. Just one, he said.
He was in a florist shop, picking out some stuff for a friend who was sick.
The proprieter came over, asked, "What do you want?" Ed sorta mumbled about
wanting some flowers. "What do you want?" the owner asked again. Ed -- still
not getting it -- said he was looking for some nice stuff for a friend who was
sick. "Yes, but what do you *want*?" the owner asked. At which point Ed
finally twigged to what was going on. He said afterward that it really *is*
an unnerving approach, which was kinda the point.

Of course, the owner then added that he thought the scene was from DS9,
but what the hell, it's an imperfect universe.