Re: BABYLON 5 To Include Gay/B

 Posted on 2/10/1994 by to

I must admit that I am amazed by your ability to fortell the future.
This must come in very handy in Vegas.

You start with an assumption of what I might do -- your opinion
based on what someone else has said -- then make that into a fact that I
AM going to do it, and then say you have trouble with my decision; you
assume it's going to be handled in a certain fashion, and then condemn
that fashion; you say that issues are going to be raised, and you have
trouble with that issue; you say the genetic factor will be brought up,
which hasn't been proven, and then question the ethics of doing so.

Let me state this as simply as possible:

1) You are wrong in just about every particular. You do not know
what I am going to do. To make a guess, based on zip from me, then
condemn actions based on a guess that is TOTALLY INACCURATE is truly
the ultimate straw-man. Let me restate: you are completely and totally
wrong in your speculations on the issues, and how this will be handled.
You don't have to guess, you don't have to assume, I'm telling you
straight out: you're wrong.

2) You're a boob. Please try to refrain from prophesy until and
unless you are biblically empowered by a considerably higher source.