Don't know really how much more...

 Posted on 12/30/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Don't know really how much more there is to say; it's getting
to that
time when all the worthwhile talking will be done by the series

There will definitely be a two-parter this season; PTEN is so
much in
love with what they're seeing that they've allocated a bit more on
budget to
let us really go to town on a 2-part episode. I'll be either
writing both
parts, or sharing the task with Larry DiTillio, depending on when
he gets free
with his next script.

There are now about five scripts remaining to be written,
"Babylon Squared," which will probably be finished sometime next
week. We
begin shooting D.C. Fontana's second script for us, "Legacies,"
starting next
Monday, then two JMS scripts, the first of which is "Raiding
Party," which
will probably tie up Ron's computers for *ages*. I finished
another script
the other day, which I think came out fairly well.

So far, this season you'll learn a lot about all the cultures
of our
ambassadors, especially the Big Four; you'll see the League of
Worlds in action; you'll learn a LOT about the Psi Corps, Earth
and economics, the inner workings of Babylon 5, the history of the
project, Sinclair's background (also a lot about Ivanova's and
past)'ll see a darker side of Londo, a lighter side of G'Kar,
a more
ambiguous side of Delenn, some very weird sides of Kosh...and
you'll come away
with a real sense of B5 as a *place*, a habitat, where things are,
what they
do, how it works. There will be an awful lot of action, and an
even greater
amount of humor...there are parts of the show that, even having
seen them 16
times, are still fall-down funny.

Other than that...not much to say.