Correct. Just as you change your...

 Posted on 7/10/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Correct. Just as you change your watch to match up with wherever you're
going, in different time zones, when you come to B5 you operate on Earth Mean

By the way, David Gerrold has turned in a lean, mean little story that
does have a kid in it, though in a subdued sort of fashion. This is a very,
very *tough* story, very much unlike anything David's done before, and I think
it'll be terrific.

Marc Scott Zicree has also turned in a story in which Garibaldi's past
catches up to him...with some fairly disasterous consequences that will linger
long after the episode is finished.

D.C. Fontana's script should be in on Monday.