Well, lemme comment on that. One...

 Posted on 12/5/1991 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Well, lemme comment on that. One of the reasons -- and there are many
others -- for coming out here like this and, as you say, putting myself and
the work on the line is my belief that this is right, and this is the kind of
show that the fans have been looking for.

And I'm willing to stand behind that, and be open about it, without
giving away the real surprises in the project.

For the better part of a decade, I've been on panel after panel, and gone
to convention after convention, and listened to the fans talk about what
they'd like to see in an SF series. How they want solid characters,
imaginative stories, no kids or cute robots, using science the way it should
be used, not talking down to the audience. That desire has been noted.

I think there is a certain frustration among a large percentage of media
fandom that they aren't listened to. This is my way of saying that you HAVE
been listened to, somebody HAS been paying attention. What forms the stories
and the characters must, perforce, come from one voice, you can't create
anything worthwhile with a committee...but in terms of tone and sophistication
and attitude and range, that's where you can be open to giving the fans what
they want, and what they have been asking for now for a long time.

This is simply one more effort undertaken to make the fan community a
part of the process. One noteworthy thing about the creative and production
team that we've assembled is that they're ALL fans of the SF genre. They've
grown up on it, and they want to give something back to it, to stand on the
shoulders of the giants that preceded us and try and do something *different*.

I stand foursquare for communication.

For this series to be special, it helps for the communication to be just
as special, and open. This is a part of that process.