Re: jms in new zealand

 Posted on 11/19/2005 by to

Dan Dassow wrote:
> wrote:
> > For B5 folks down south -- as in way, WAY down south -- pending work
> > commitments, I'll be appearing at the Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo in
> > Auckland next year, from October 22-24th 2006. (Also appearing at the
> > con: Gates McFadden, John Rhys Davies, and a bunch of other folk.)
> > This will be my first trip to New Zealand, and I'm looking forward to
> > seeing the place.
> >
> > jms
> >
> >
> Hm.... I wonder whether this indicates that you will be interacting
> with WETA and/or Peter Jackson during your trip to New Zealand
> regarding future projects. One can hope.

I definitely plan on stopping by and saying hello...I've met a few
folks from there before who are B5 fans and they've said if ever I'm in
the area, to do so.