Re: Attn JMS: No Act Breaks in "The Gathering"

 Posted on 11/18/2005 by to

Ken Sharp wrote:
> Hi, Joe,
> I couldn't help but notice the lack of act breaks in the early Gathering
> script. Just curious, did you intentionally structure it to work as a
> feature script in case the pilot deal fell through?

We didn't know if it would go for network or cable or syndication, and
each of those has differente act break structures, so when I wrote it,
I went straight through but layered in points to break it for each one
of those depending on where we ended up.

> I also wanted to mention how striking it was to see "October 31, 2005" at
> the end of your introduction. I know it's not uncommon to have government
> reports and conference proceedings, etc. quickly bound and distributed, but
> it's still very cool to have something of this magnitude go from your
> word-processor to press and into our hands in less than a month. On-demand
> publishing: it gave me a real "why couldn't I have thought of this" feeling.

It actually is kind of cool...we just did the last tweaks to volume
two, I added a few things to the intro the other day, and it'll be out
now around the 26th. I find that aspect quite a bit of fun.