Re: ATTN JMS: "AGEISM" in Hollywood?

 Posted on 9/3/2005 by to

Davejev2000 wrote:
> I've got a good opportunity to get into a prestigious USC producing
> program, which the school says would put me in good position to get
> into an executive level job in Hollywood - but I will be 45 years old
> by the time I graduate - Do you think that would make it hard to get
> jobs (realistically)? I've heard Hollywood tends to be oriented
> towards younger entrants these days. . .

It varies depending on venue. Ageism is a real problem in this town
because it tends to be run by 20-somethings at the baseline network and
studio level. Up higher, it's older, sure, but most folks never get
past the note-givers in the trenches, and that's where you find the

The main groups afflicted by this are writers and actors; after them,
directors tend to get nailed, and the least affected tend to be
producers. Inside the network/studio/corporate structure I don't know
the situation on a personal basis...but certainly here as in any
profession, the older one is when making the jump, the steeper and more
difficult the climb.