Re: jms in toronto

 Posted on 8/18/2005 by to wrote:
> I'm looking forward to it Joe! I was meaning to post to ask about
> autographs and stuff since this is your first appearance here in
> Toronto. I recall reading that you don't put a limit on the # of items
> signed? That said, do you have a personal preference that once
> somebody has so many items you still do it be think that they are being
> a bit extreme?

My only real problem is with the dealers who sometimes come through
with 50 or more books at a time. If there's a long line behind them,
I'll sign half and then have them come through a second time.

> Re: the panels, do you have a schedule yet for those? The last 5 years
> I've been attending and they never seem to post that info in advance on
> the website so it's hard to plan.

I haven't seen a schedule yet.