Re: ATTN JMS: How's Buddy?

 Posted on 3/11/2005 by to

Buddy seems to have leveled out (for now, they apparently grow for the
first three-four years of their lives) at 15 pounds and 28 inches from
nose to butt, not counting his tail, which is almost as long as he fully stretched out he's almost five feet from tip of nose to
tip of tail.

His latest trick -- he comes up with a new one every few days -- is to
go up the stairwell to the bonus room a few steps, so he's already a
bit high, stretch as far as he can, reach for the hand-rail, balancing
like a ballerina on point, and peer around the corner when I come down
the hall so that I'm looking at a cat head peeking around the corner at
nearly eye-level. Completely wigged me out the first time he did it.

He thinks it's great fun.

I'm having him committed.