Re: Questions for JMS about Silver Surfer.

 Posted on 3/8/2005 by to rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe

"I was just wondering if you have read the latest volume of Silver
Surfer and/or issue #10 of Cable/Deadpool and if possible, can you tell

us how you in general view the character? If it's successful, would
you consider doing it on an ongoing basis if you have the time? I am
greatly looking foward to the series."

I made it a point to read all the most recent stuff, as well as going
back to the very earliest appearances of the Surfer in FF, to kind of
bookend my research a bit. What I've always liked about him is the
dichotomy between these immense powers he possesses...his great
idealism...and his profound loneliness. There's a tremendous sadness
at the core of the character that makes him compelling.

This is meant to be strictly a mini-series, and would not lead off into
a regular series. Whether it goes 6, 8 or 12 issues will depend on
where the story takes me, though I suspect it'll just be the six. I
don't think I'll need more than that, though Marvel said to take as
much time and as many issues as needed.

I've seen about a dozen of the pages come in so far -- painted pages,
every one, just gorgeous to look at -- and I think it's going to be
just one hell of a book.