Re: Attn JMS: What's a "wild track"?

 Posted on 6/22/2003 by to

>Just had the unusual experience of seeing some VHS tapes of B5 "dailies"
>from WWE.


>At the end of the tapes were short lengths of sound-only footage,
>over which ran a title card marking this as a "wild track". It all seemed to
>be there intentionally, but nothing in the tapes I saw/heard sounded useful
>at all. So.. what's a "wild track"?

If there was trouble on a particular line on camera -- an actor couldn't
remember it, or there was bad background noise, or other complications -- you
pick up just the audio for those lines at the end of the scene. You do it in
the same place becuase it means the background ambience will be the same, so
it'll mix better when you drop it into the production track. Otherwise, no
matter how you tweak the background, it never sounds quite the same. Nine
times out of ten the line will fit pretty well in the actor's mouth on camera
because they're still in the moment, and when it doesn't quite fit the picture,
you just play it on his/her back.


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