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>Which Southern Baptist site?

I've been going through my notes trying to find the thing again...and came
across some intersting, related items. Here's a church, the Shepherd's Care
Ministtries, that uses G'Kar's quote about the future:

About that quote, if you do a google search on "it is always born in pain,"
you'll find any number of sites where it's used for a memorial or epitaph.
(It's also used, without attribution, on a number of other sites, kinda giving
the impression that they came up with it on their own.)

There are a number of sites that look at B5 from a buddhist point of view, such

If you do a search for Babylon 5 and theology, or Babylon 5 and Buddhism, or
religion, or christianity, you'll find the most fascinating stuff...and the
most fascinating thing of all, for me at least, is that so often these sites
from different or even competing religions use the *same quotes* and each gets
something different, and something the same, out of them.

We live in fascinating times.


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