ATTN: JMS - 200 page document

 Posted on 11/24/1999 by to

>But, Joe, I would ask this of you. Keep the thing around, and let it be
>released someday -- 50 years after your death, if you like.

You must understand: if you go through all of my files, for all the scripts and
stories I have written, you will find ONLY final drafts. I routinely destroy
ALL of my annotated drafts, rough drafts, preliminary drafts and most notes. I
think that, in the end, what has to stand or fall is the work, and one doesn't
let out one's rough drafts or unfinished work.

A while back, there was a long and heated debate between me and some other
online folks on the issue of unfinished work and annotated drafts; I'm
foursquare against them being released posthumously. This, to me, falls under
the same heading.

All the rough-draft stories, all the MSW scripts, and all my B5 scripts with my
handwritten edits, changes, annotations, deletions, and revisions...are mulch.
As they should be.

One does not go out in public only partially dressed.


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