ATTN JMS: four quick questions

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>> > "> >Is there a chance to see you next year in London? In march there will
>> > > >the Starfury Millenium Con (no Wolf359 con AFAIK) with
>> > > >Peter, Andreas, Richard and Jason and some german B5 fans, too!
>> > > >
>> > > No, no plans for UK conventions next year, and would not be involved
>> > this one in any event given some of the folks involved."
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > JMS, I hope it's not true, but that reply seems to imply that you have a
>> > problem with Peter, Andreas, Richard, or Jason. Again, I hope that's not
>> > true, but I wouldn't expect you to explain why even if it is true.
>> I don't think he's referring to the actors, but rather the folks who
>> put on the con. ISTR some problems with one of the UK cons last year...
>AFAIK is there only a problem with Wolf359 (a UK Con runner) since the
>Wolf359-Con "The Alliance" 1997 in Blackpool. I hope there is no general
>problem from JMS visiting Cons in the UK.

Correct, I have no problems with the cast attending, or with the UK. That
unpleasantness with Boston Harbor is long, long forgotten....


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