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    From: (jms at b5)
 Subject: Re: Message to JMS about ASM #511
      To: rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe  
    Date: 8/28/2004 4:27:32 PM  

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>> question that I think anyone who runs a site called Comics Worth
>> Reading should have to ask: what are their qualifiations, and who are
>> they?
>People often wonder that, which is why I have a whole page on the site
>explaining that along with my review philosophy. It's very easy for
>people who visit the site to find it, too, since it's the first link on
>the home page.

Well, Johanna...that's not precisely true, now is it?

First, it ain't the first link...second, the link itself doesn't say that,
there's nothing on the home page itself that says anything to that
effect...nothing on the Reviews link, whicih IS the first link on the
page...but leavilng that quibble aside....

If you follow those links, here is what you say:

"Reviews of comic books that are worth your time and money, focused on giving
you the information you need to find what interests you and where to start

So the books listed below are worth buying...which again implies pretty clearly
if you DON'T like a book that it's not worth reading, NOT "worth your time or

The recommendations link says much the same, adding "in my opinion" but
nonetheless making it clear that (minus the books you haven't read yet) those
you like are worth buying and those you don't are not.

Which is a fine and dandy thing for you to would be great if there
were some academic or publishing credits to back that up, something more than
"cause I say so"...but it's your site and you get to say anything you want.
Personally, I think that the more sites that encourage readers, the better,
yours inclusive.

But there's nothing on the site, or your reply, which goes against what I wrote
to start with: that if someone is going to call their site Comics Worth
Reading, there is nothing in the least amiss with asking who the person is who
is making these assertions, which was the ONLY thing that I said in this

So my point stands.


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