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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Hmm...I'd appreciate any more info...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 12/4/1991 4:40:00 PM  

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Hmm...I'd appreciate any more info you may have about those patches (from
computer or video). Could be very handy.

As for the REAL GHOSTBUSTERS episode, yeah, that one -- "Janine, You've
Changed" -- came out pretty well. One of my personal favorites.

I don't think the collected CAPTAIN POWER episodes will *ever* be made
available, sadly. I don't think even *I* have a complete set; I have those I
wrote, or co-authored, and maybe one or two others, but I'm missing a few here
and there.

As for actors...we will be using standard channels. We will have a
casting director chosen by the first part of the year, and that person will be
available to agents same as any actor or casting director. The drill is well
known. As co-exec producer on the show, I will have quite a bit of input into
casting, based on what's recommended to me. I would mainly concentrate on
classically-trained actors with a lot of stage work behind them, some film/tv
work, but who aren't yet over-exposed.

The only role that I've cast in my head is that of the station's resident
telepath (NOT an empath, a telepath, who is available to sit in on business
negotiations, sort of a "Rent-A-Telepath," to make sure that the man on the
other side of the table isn't lying to you). There's an actress I've seen
who's *perfect* for the role, and has some genre experience, though she isn't
over-exposed yet. (Memo to myself: I have to call her agent tomorrow and see
if I can set up a meeting.) Beyond that, the field's wide open.


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