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    From: joseph straczynski <>
 Subject: Re: B5 fan page Facebook controversy
    Date: 7/29/2009 5:14:54 PM  

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I called WB and nobody in WB online or legal affairs seems to know
anything about this. So I suspect that either Facebook is acting pre-
emptively, or this may not be entirely as reported. As one person at
WB said, "There are thousands of B5 sites out there, if we started
going out there to get them we'd never have time to do anything else."

Doesn't mean for sure that somebody at WB didn't drop a note,
somewhere in the deep recesses of the company, just that I'm much
inclined to doubt that it actually happened. They're just not that
engaged when it comes to this sort of thing, especially for a show
that's not currently on the air.


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