EARTHLIGHT Audio Drama Available in July

 Posted on 4/17/2024 by Jan Schroeder in News

EARTHLIGHT, an original audio drama will be released by Penguin on July 9.

JMS described it:   "What happens when you put Hunt for Red October, Top Gun and The Right Stuff into a blender?  You get EARTHLIGHT, my new audio drama from Penguin-Random House.  Tons of action and more politically relevant than I initially intended."

Read by a full cast:  Erik Braa, Pete Bradbury, Jonathan Davis, William DeMeritt, Robert Fass, Jeff Gurner, Ryan Haugen, David Lee Huynh, Mars Lipowski, Saskia Maarleveld, Kathleen McInerney, Brandon McInnis, Sean Kenin Elias Reyes, Stefan Rudnicki, Salli Saffioti, Kristen Sieh, Christopher Smith, Marc Thompson, Will Watt, Michael Ann Young, Beka Sikharulidza, Stephanie Walters Montgomery, and Robin Atkin Downes

A ten minute sample can be found at EARTHLIGHT


 Posted on 10/9/2023 by Jan Schroeder in News

Message from JMS:
[quote]J. Michael Straczynski - Hang with JMS

We are now exactly 3 months from publication of my new novel THE GLASS BOX. Fun fact: if everyone on this feed pre-ordered a copy, it would debut on the NY Times Best-Seller List. I think that would be lovely. Shall we make some noise?
From the  listing:
THE GLASS BOX is a hard-hitting, fast-paced sci-fi novel about the choices we make and the ramifications we face.
Riley Diaz was born to fight. When she is sent to an American Renewal Center for reeducation, Riley declares a one-woman war against the ARC program's bag of dirty tricks designed to break down dissidents.
Acclaimed creator @becomingsupermanjms takes readers on a mesmerizing journey inspired by pressing contemporary issues, including our right to protest and the threats designed to undermine that right. Told with drama and heart, THE GLASS BOX is a moving story that features a colorful and often eccentric cast of characters readers will fall in love with.
Perfect for fans of "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST  by Ken Kesey and "DARK MATTERby @blakecrouch1! [/quote]